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Kouros Lahooti Fight for you so you can obtain full legal entitlement for your loss

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If you enjoy:


  • Added Stress

  • Recovering a Fraction of your Benefit

  • Handling a Complicated and Unfamiliar Process

  • Fighting a Foe with Unlimited Resources & Experts

  • Constant Undue Delays in your Claim Administration

  • Providing Information to an Opponent that will use it Against You





  • Avoid the Stress of handling a Complicated and Overwhelming Process

  • Fast and Timely Recovery of all Possible Benefits of your Legal Entitlement

  • Peace of Mind

  • Avoid Fighting Alone Against an Organization with Unlimited Resources and Experts

  • Avoid Undue Delay in your Claim Adjustment

Please Read:

With over 15 years of experience working exclusively for YOU against insurance companies, myself and
our hand-picked insurance professionals have managed and negotiated every claim resulting in
maximum recovery.

As time and information is of the essence, clients have a direct line of connection with me personally to
ensure implementation of strategies and taking crucial steps fighting insurance adjusters’ efforts to
minimize what you are entitled to.

Per legal precedents, insurance company’s primary duty as a corporation is to maximize the profit and
benefits of their shareholders. This is a huge conflict of interest and simply leads to minimization and
shortchanging of your entitlement for the maximum gains and profit of insurance shareholders.
Insurance adjusters and experts have no duty to look and pinpoint the maximum extent of your
property damage, and as such, they also lack proper training to even notice complicated cases.

Catch 22 Rock & A Hard Place - What came first?  The Chicken or the Egg?:

Insurance assigns different adjusters to claims that are over or under certain amount. Usually for losses
over or under $100,000.00 there will be large or small claim adjusters assigned respectively. This is a
huge problem because almost always low-level adjusters are initialized on the loss, their assessment and
low estimate of damages does not prompt the carrier to engage the need for a large claim adjuster.


About Us

When you are up against the goliath of an insurance company with unlimited resources and is aware of every legal loophole to withhold as much as possible when pertaining to your damage claims, Attorney Kouros Lahooti with over 15 years experience will give you the best chance to obtain your full legal entitlement.  Call us as at Max Insurance Recovery and let us get you what you deserve.

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Max Insurance Recovery

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